Around The Temple

A few yards from the Sri Rama temple, there is a siva shrine inside the compound are found a fine figure of Saraswathi and a Bull. Here is a very curious figure-some call it ‘Jademuni’- with eight legs, four in front and four behind, and four hands holding a staff, a rosary, a bag with mouth closed and the other hand being broken. It has matted hair and wears a sacred thread and a belt. This is also said to be a spirit installed to protect Janamejaya Yagna. The Puranic belief goes that Janamejaya performed the “Sarpa Yagna” (serpent sacrifice) at this place. As a proof of it stands a “Yupasthamba” or sacrificial post opposote to Siva temple. it is a stone pillar about 9ft. high with the top resembling a trident or spear. There is a Parasurama temple also nearby.

A little away from here is a “Siddha Pushkarini” whose water is reputed of be very efficacious in curing snake bites. The bitten patient is required to bathe with belief and drink with devotion three handfulls of water here circumambulate the Yupasthamba and take rest at Siva’s temple. It is belived there is some “Antipoision” content in the water of Siddha Pushkarani. A register of such cured persions is also maintained here.

This small village with historic and puranic glories of yore, which once served as the place of penance and tapas for the nine Siddhas or saints and Sri Parasurama former still now retains that grand atmosphere of peace and tranquility, though the sacred name of Bhargavapuri gave place long ago to the present Hiremagalur-the “Town of elder daughter” having been presented as a dowry to the elder daughter by Sri Rukmangada Raya, The palegar of Sakrepatna.

There is a small literary group which brings out publications of literary merit and devotional content, under the name Bhargaa Prakashana. A Co-operative Society. A library and a reading room, a school or two and an interested sports team lend a touch of modernity. But essentially it is an adobe of peace, with the refreshing beauty of the panoramic setting of a vast stretch of green heightened by the lovely blue of small hillocks all around.

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