Pooja Schedule

The Pooja or the Aaradhana of Sri Kodanda Rama is done according to Paancha­raatra Agama. There are many Sevas done here in the Sri Kodanda Rama Sannidhi. Here are some of them:­

  1. Nitya Araadhana Seva (i.e, the Saaligraama Pooja) – The Nitya Araadhana Seva is done Daily between 8am to 10am. The Pooja is done to the Saaligraamaas.

  2. Tirumanjanam Seva (Abishekam Seva) – The tirumanjanam/Abishekam to Sri Rama is of 2 types
    • Panchaamruta Abishekam
    • Shkeera Abhishekam.
    Tirumanjanam/ Abishekam are done on the days of Yugaadi, Sri Rama Navami, Vijayadashami, Sankraanti, during the days of Brahma Rathotsavams. Tirumanjanam/ Abishekam can be done, on the normal days also, if any Devotee wishes to perform.The Duration of Tirumanjanam is 4 hours & is Usually done at 8:30am to 1:30pm

  3. Sri Sita Rama Kalyaanotsava Seva – The Kalyaanotsava of Sri Sita Rama is performed every month on the day of ‘Punarvasu Nakshatram’. Sri Sita Rama Kalyaanotsava is also done during the Brahma Rathotsava. Time of the Kalyaanotsava Seva 9:30am­ 12:00 noon

  4. Srimad Valmiki Ramayana Pathana Seva – The recitation of the whole Valmiki Ramayanam (excluding the Uttara­kaandam) is done during the period Sraran­Navaraatri. The Pattaabhishekam is done on the Vijaya­dashami. i.e, the 10th day. An Utsavam of Sri Narayana(Sri Varadaraajar)alone is done in the evening, where ‘Sri Narayana’ hunts the “Shami Vruksha”. After the return of the Utsavam the Maha­Mangalaarati is done along with the ‘Ashtavadhaana Seva’. Time of the Seva :­ (Every day of the Navaraatri) 5am ­12:30pm & 4:30pm ­ 8:30pm

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