1. Sri Brahma Rathotsavah – The Brahmotsavah of Sri Rama is performed every year during the ‘Phaalguna Maasa’ (usually between the months of March & April). The Brahmotsavam is of 5 days. During these days there are many Utsavas:
    • Kalyaanotsavam.
    • Gaja Vahana Utsavam.
    • Hanumantotsavam.
    • Shesha Vahana Utsavam.
    • Ashva Vahana Utsavam.
    • Garuda Utsavam.
    • Sri Krishna Gandha Utsavam.
    On the day of the ‘Punarvasu Nakshtram’ the Mukhya Rathotsava is conducted.

  2. Sri Vaikuntha Ekaadashi – The Vaikunta Ekaadashi of Dhanurmasa is on of the most colossal event of Sri Hiremagalur Kodanda Rama Temple. The Vaikuntha Dwaara of the temple is opened for this one day in the whole Year. It is believed that the Actual Dwaara of Vaikuntha (Place where Lord Vishnu resides) is open for this One day. People who enter the Dwaara on this Day is believed to get the Moksha, the Salvation. On the Day of Ekaadashi the Utsava Murti of Sri Bhuneelaasameta Varadaraajar is taken to a Praakaarotsavam and is Placed at the Entrance of the Vaikuntha Dwaara. All devotees pass underneath the Utsava Murti as they enter the Vaikuntha Dwaara. The event commences at 5am, but one can witness the deluge of Devotees from 3am itself. Around 10 to 12 thousand people come & get the Darshnam Of Lord Sri Rama. Prasaada is given to all devotees equally without any Discrimination. The Temple is Open from 4am to 9:30pm on this Day.

  3. Sri Rama Navami – The day when Lord Vishnu in order to establish ‘Dharma’ once again on earth, took birth as Sri Rama. As mentioned the Tirumanjanam is done to Sri Rama on the Day of Sri Rama Navami. Prasaadam is bestowed to all.

  4. The Dhanurmasa Pooja – The Dhanurmasa (one of tamil masa) pooja is again a special event of Sri Kodanda Rama Sannidhi. The 30 days of Dhanurmasa is divided into 3 equal segment, 10day. pg. 11st 10days The Vedi pattu. The Dainika Pooja / Nitya Araadhana is done early in the Morning before the Sunrise. The 2nd 10 days, The Pagal pattu, where the pooja is done after the Sunrise. The 3rd 10 days, The Raa pattu, pooja on these days are done during the Day itself but, the recitation of the Tiruppavai is done on the evening. Pongal as prasaadam is bestowed everyday after the pooja.

  5. Sauramaana & Chaandramaana Yugaadi – On both the Yugaadis, Tirumanjanam is conducted to Sri Rama.

  6. Sri Krishna Janmaashtami – Lord Sri Krishna’s Janmaashtami (Both Chandramana & Sauramana) is performed with all the“Bhakshyaas”, that are beloved to Lord Krishna.

  7. Sri Tyagaraaja Aaraadhanaa – Its Doubtless to say that the most dearest Bhaagavatar to Lord Rama is Sri Tyagaraaja. During Sri Tyagaraaja Araadhanaa the Tirumanjanam is done not by chanting the Mantras, but through Singing the Tyagaraaja Pancha-Ratna Keertanaas. A group of Carnatic Classical Singers from various parts of the State assemble & make this event memorable for a lifetime.

  8. Sri Narasimha Jayanti – Witnessing Lord Narasimha during the Narasimha Jayanti is a bliss. Tirumanjanam is done on the day of Jayanti, during the Sandhya samaya (evening) at 6:00pm, the Maha Mangalaarati at 8:00pm; along with Theerta & Prasaadams.

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